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What is a REImaginelution?

Given Dr. Robinson-Morris' extensive work in DEIA and academia, he has come to understand that more important than knowledge or money or power is the imagination.


Leaning on the philosophies of Ubuntu and Buddhism, Dr. Robinson-Morris understands the mind that got humanity into our current mess is not the same mind that will get us out of it. Thinking, being, and doing differently—together—is our escape toward collective healing and liberation. 


Utilizing Imaginative Inquiry through an equity lens, The REImaginelution encourages us to begin to think beyond what has been thought; and to utilize our imaginations to think our lives, careers, work, daily interactions, and environments anew, so that a new world can be rewoven—differently.


The real revolution is not militaristic combat—the physical battling of men and women—but a war of ideas. In the same vein, we understand that a key strategy of oppression and oppressive systems is to shut down the imagination; to close down thought to maintain control and subjugation.


We think it is about time that we have a Reimaginelution—a revolution led and spurred on by the  immense and expansive power of the imagination. If Toni Morrison was correct in Beloved, and I think she was, then "the only grace that we can have is the grace that we can imagine"— the same goes for collective healing and liberation. 


At The REImaginelution, LLC, we are adamant that DEIA or racial equity work is not the revolution, but this generative work can be put in service of thinking beyond current systems and structures of thinking beyond to design, conjure and create new ways being human together. 

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